Amazay: A Film About Water (You Tube)

Published by: Tse Keh Nay Publication Date: 2008 Description: In 1968, the creation of the W.A.C. Bennet Dam amassed the world’s largest artificial lake, the Williston Reservoir. The rising waters flooded the Sekanni from their homelands and resulted in the destruction of the lower half of their watershed. The impacts of this massive event are still being felt today. In 2003, a new threat emerged that endangered the upper half of the Finlay River – Kemess North. Over the next..

Amazay Film panel presentation

Published by: Williams Lake Tribune Publication Date: 2009 Description: Tse Keh Nay recently featured their film ‘Amazay: A film about water’ in Williams Lake with the Tsilhqot’in community. This is a link to the Williams Lake Tribune website that features 3 videos of Tsilhqot’in leadership presentations. View the website for this resource