About LandKeepers


There is an incredible amount of information on the internet about these industrial developments, largely from industry and government, and it can be intimidating to know where to start or who to go to with questions. LandKeepers was developed in response to the many requests for help from BC communities concerned about the potential social, economic, cultural and environmental issues associated with mining and pipeline projects.

Communities in BC are spread over a large geographic area but dealing with similar projects, similar companies, similar processes and similar challenges. LandKeepers is a tool for sharing information, ideas and experiences to help people connect with each other and level the playing field. A major goal of LandKeepers is to help YOU get connected with the individuals, communities or organizations that can help you find answers you are looking for.

LandKeepers aims to bring forth information that is relevant to current issues and community needs and requests. To help LandKeepers keep up to speed, an Advisory Committee was pulled together. The Advisory Committee is made up of volunteers who have an array of experience with mining and resources issues on First Nations lands. Collectively, they will help monitor and guide the LandKeepers website to ensure content is relevant with current issues.

Advisory Committee:

Gerald Amos, Headwaters Initiative
Kathe Campbell, Tahltan Elders Coordinator
Irene French, Takla Lake Band Council
JP Laplante, Former Mining Coordinator for Takla Lake
David DeWit, Natural Resource Manager, Office of the Wet’suwet’en
Tony Pearse, Resource Planner
Anne Marie Sam, Nak’azdli Band Council
LandKeepers was developed for community members, band councilors, technical advisors and anyone with a sincere interest to learn more about what mining and pipelines may mean for the land and its people. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel welcome to join the forum discussions or send in a note with our feedback form.

The LandKeepers website is currently project of the Centre for Science in Public Participation (http://www.csp2.org), the Canadian Boreal Initiative (http://www.borealcanada.ca), the Headwaters Initiative and was developed with the help of many organizations and individuals. A very big THANK YOU to Campion Foundation (http://www.campionfoundation.org) and this Security Doors Company in Perth for helping.